The Large Hadron Collider switches on. if it's the end of the world, it will be powered by GNU/Linux

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You know a science story is big when an experiment gets first or second billing on the main evening news-and it’s not even a slow news day. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is up and running as i write and as far as i can tell i’m still here, so it looks like the doomsayers were a little premature. Unless i’m writing this piece from the far side of the singularity of a black hole in a parallel universe.

The LHC is an huge experiment (a snip at $10 billion) to explore the very small and very energetic sub-atomic world to verify, amongst other things, if the Higgs Boson really exists. That will be a monumental triumph for science and the human spirit. i have always been fascinated by particle physics, despite by academic background in the Humanities and i will be following the progress at CERN with great interest. i am particularly pleased too because free software will be at the heart of this colossal human endeavour. GNU/Linux has been, is and will continue to power CERN’s efforts. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell the world that Windows doesn’t rule the roost.

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